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Bell 206 repaints
07-21-2011, 07:20 PM
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Bell 206 repaints

Been getting this question in various places and I want to clarify it so that we don't have to answer everytime. Previous released repaints for the original Bell 206 as released by Owen Hewitt will fit the released B206 Low Skid and Float models and they will fit the FSX version once that is released.

For the FSX version, it's a matter of doing the following:

Converting textures to DXT5 or 32-bit DDS textures
Create matching specular maps
Add thumbnail to the specific repaint

Repaint kit is the same as released by Owen Hewitt and can be found on Hovercontrol and Avsim.

Also, we don't have the time in the day to help individuals with texture conversions as we have our plates full with other models. There are plenty of tutorials for that specific matter.

That is all. Thanks.

[Image: ers_george_sig1.jpg]

I'm with the FAA and I'm here to help you.....................Now gimme a hug!
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